Why is the Multi-Head Combination Weigher Particularly Favored by Various Food Companies?

Mar. 22, 2021

As Combination Weigher Supplier, share with you.

Quantitative weighing with a computer 10-head combination weigher is compared with a general electronic scale, and it completes the same work: a 10-head computer combination weigher is required, 2 operators are required, the speed is 60 packs/min, and the single bag error is 0.3~0.5g , The total error per day is about 14 kilograms, and the total error per year is about 4 tons. However, a general electronic scale requires 5 sets, 10 operators, a speed of 12 bags/min, a single bag error of 3 grams, a total error of 86 kg per day, and a total error of 26 tons per year. Obviously, the use of a computerized scale can save the manufacturer 8 manpower and 22 tons of raw materials every year. It is not difficult to see that the choice of multi-head combination weigher is a smart choice for merchants. 

Weighing and Packing Machine

Weighing and Packing Machine

Application range of multi-head combination weigher

It is suitable for rapid quantitative weighing of various granular, flake, strip, spherical and other materials. Such as candies, fruits, nuts, pet food, roasted seeds and nuts , puffed foods, frozen foods, hardware, plastic pellets and other manufacturers that need to be weighed quantitatively.

The main advantages of multi-head combination weigher

1. Mechanical automatic weighing is conducive to food safety

2. Fast weighing speed

3. High dynamic weighing accuracy

4. high degree of automation

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