Small Food Packaging-the Trend of Quantitative Packaging Machinery Ushered in New Development

Apr. 09, 2021

Wind food market is always changing with the needs of consumers, "Tmall Food Industry Trend Analysis Report" report, in the past four years, whether it is food or consumer market scale have been growing steadily in accordance with, while food market there is also a new trend-small food packaging. This new trend is bound to accelerate the reform and innovation of the food packaging machinery industry and dig deeper into business opportunities.

Small Food Packaging-the Trend of Quantitative Packaging Machinery Ushered in New Development

Today, the food market, small packaged food has increased every year. Such as small packets of snacks, small bottles of liquor, small packages of rice, etc. are all products that are popular among consumers. According to reports, small packages of mixed nuts accounted for a quarter of the snack market in 2019, and consumers love them very highly. The sales of small-packaged foods such as small bottles of liquor and small-packaged tea have also shown a significant upward trend.

There are two main reasons for the popularity of small packaged foods. First, the number of single people living alone is expanding. According to a research report released by the National Financial Consumer Research Center, there are 220 million single people nationwide. Such a large population base has led to the rapid rise of "food for one person" and laid the foundation for the development of the small package food industry. The advantage of small-packaged food is that it takes up a small space and is convenient for storage; it has less content and quick use, reducing waste caused by expiration.

Second, it is easier to control the intake of small-packaged foods, especially snack foods. Bulk snacks often make people face a dilemma: eating them all at once is unhealthy for the body; they are prone to deterioration when stored, causing waste. Small packages of snacks can solve these troubles, and a small package can easily solve them, and you are not afraid of burdens after eating, satisfying modern people's pursuit of a healthy life.

Facing the needs of the food market, food machinery used for small-package food processing is also undergoing reforms and innovations. Many related companies have introduced equipment dedicated to small-package food. Small packaging machine is one of them. It mostly uses four seals to vacuum-pack small-package snacks such as chicken feet, duck necks, dried fish, and braised eggs. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and complies with relevant national safety standards. The packaging machine can automatically complete processes such as vacuuming and sealing according to the program. The four-seal working form can also improve work efficiency and increase output.

Take Guangdong Kenwei's twin vertical weighing and packaging system as an example. It is equipped with a high-speed multi-head computer combination weigher and an intelligent film double-packing machine, which can automatically complete all the links of feeding, metering, filling and bag making, printing and coding, output and feeding. High cost performance, widely used in small metering packaging of various puffed foods, snack foods and other particles, flakes and irregular shapes. Catering to market demand, it is favored by many food manufacturers for its advantages such as high measurement accuracy, high packaging efficiency, large production volume, and adaptation to multiple packaging bag types.

The needs of consumers are changing rapidly, and the food market must also accurately smell the dynamics of reforms and keep up with the pace of innovation in order to seize business opportunities. This is the product development concept that Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,Ltd. has adhered to all the way, and is committed to providing merchants with high-quality, high-energy-efficiency, and various quantitative packaging equipment that closely meets market needs.

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